​​Renaissance Investments

Renaissance Values:

*Providing Exceptional Customer Service is our biggest priority. Delight all of our Customers.  Make certain they are comfortable in their new homes to the fullest extent possible. Communicate openly and honestly. With no questions asked, quickly respond and resolve issues.

*Build with Integrity. Build with pride. Take no shortcuts. Do it right. Use the finest materials from ‘frame to finish’.

*Teamwork. Make sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. We value all of our Sub-Contractors, Suppliers, Advisors and Designers. We seek and respect their input, leveraging their collective knowledge and experience into our developments.

*Stay connected to the Marketplace. Be mindful of current trends in interior design and amenities that resonate with Customers. As we design and build, bring the ‘voice of the customer’ to the table.

My name is Lewis Legon. I founded Renaissance Real Estate Investments 21 years ago. I would like to tell you a bit about us- our philosophy, our values as well as my wonderful team.

As the founder of Renaissance Investments, I personally value openness and direct communications.

Our Team- Architects, Pitman and Wardley Associates have been with me from the beginning. Kennedy Design Build has been my GC Company. for many years. They have a quality reputation in and around Boston with expertees in brownstone rehabs. Over the years we have forged relationships with some of the best tradesmen and women around. I believe this is the heart and soul of any successful project. Without great masons, electricians, carpenters, painters, iron works specialists, etc. projects won't achieve the excellence we strive for. Additionally, great project management and leadership is essential to keep everyone working in the same direction and on schedule.

The vision for our projects is a combined effort of architects, designers, senior construction personnel and real estate professionals who also represent the 'voice of the customer' at the design table. Over the past several years we have been working with the Compass Boston RE team of Daisy Penney and John Gould, We want to know what our customers are thinking and what they think is important.

As for myself, I have a background as a corporate executive for over 15  years and started Renaissance as lifelong ambition in 2002.  Now it has become a dream come true. I love real estate development as it has given me the opportunity to transform properties into stunning residences. It is very creative, exciting and challenging work. As importantly, it has allowed me to have met and worked with so many incredible people which has been so fulfilling.